For Book Clubs


Hosting A Book Club?  Need A Book Club Suggestion?

We can help you with out.

We have a book shelf dedicated to terrific Book Club reads. Our experienced staff can also help you with titles that go beyond this one book shelf.
Register your Book Club with us and we will be sure to stock copies of your next read at 15% off for your members. It's our way of saying "Thanks" for shopping local.To register, call 410-795-1718 or email We ask that you supply us a list of your club members and their contact information. After your club has selected your next title, one member can make note of each person who would like to purchase their book through A Likely Story Bookstore and notify us of the list and title. We will order the books (typically having them within a day or two) and call those individuals to notify them that their books are in.
It doesn't matter how many people need books-it can be one or thirty.
Either way your members will receive the 15% discount.