Louisiana Notary Exam Sample Questions and Answers: Explanations Keyed to the Official Study Guide (Paperback)

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NOTE: Now superseded by a newer version. This one's the 2020 edition keying page cites to the 2020 state study guide. Please look for our 2021 edition, available on this website.] ... By the author of the Sidepiece book: Questions and answers in four separate tests-plus detailed explanations for each right and wrong answer, keyed to the page of the official study guide-help coach students for the difficult exam. This unofficial resource at last takes notary prep to the next level by revealing the tricks of questions and formats, tactics for the test, and notary law behind it.

Louisiana civil law notaries have unmatched functions, responsibilities, and opportunities-but the exam has a 20% pass rate. Candidates need all the help they can get. The best prep classes and study groups recommend multiple practice questions to understand the format, content, and coverage of the actual exams the Secretary of State administers each year. Yet even the best workbooks and study aids are costly but barebones in the answers they provide. Their questions help, but students are left matching answers to page numbers. There's no guidance on why they're right-and even less about why other good options aren't "best."

This book fills that void with 130 questions and detailed clarifications, plus tactics illustrated by specific formats and options. Explanations are keyed to the 2020 state study guide (with a red cover). Professor Childress, author of Louisiana Notary Exam Sidepiece to the 2021 Study Guide (a book decoding the state text) and teacher of Tulane's academic course in notary law, explains every twist he can think of that the examiners may try. Whether as a recommended supplement to a prep class, as spelled-out lagniappe to available workbooks, or as a new tool for self-study, this book should become standard fare for anyone contemplating becoming a commissioned notary. An affordable addition to the Self-Study Sherpa Series from Quid Pro Books.

About the Author Steven Alan Childress is a law professor at Tulane and teaches a notary law class for paralegal studies. He earned a JD from Harvard and a PhD from Berkeley; he also clerked in Shreveport for the federal court and practiced law in California. Alan is a practicing Louisiana notary public. He co-authored Federal Standards of Review, edited three volumes on the legal profession, and wrote Louisiana Notary Exam Sidepiece to the 2020 Study Guide.

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