Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! (Hardcover)

Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! By George Mendoza, Doris Susan Smith (Illustrator) Cover Image

Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! (Hardcover)


Every animal in the forest can have a home they love with the help of Ms. Mouse in this whimsical and educational book about design and architecture.

Henrietta is a world-famous architect, and the only mouse in the world who knows what makes a squirrel or a rabbit, a caterpillar or a frog feel at home. A dreamer, a designer, an artist, and a creator, Henrietta works at her drawing board to imagine the perfect home for each of her friends, be they woodland, water, subterranean or winged creatures.

With clever features, like a trapdoor for Mole or a telescope platform for Owl, and the ideal placement, like high in a pine for Squirrel or inside a pear for Caterpillar, Henrietta Mouse’s houses are both practical and beautiful—in short, ingenious!

George Mendoza’s Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! is as inspiring today as when it was first published in 1981, and Doris Susan Smith’s illustrations of this hard-working female protagonist and her fantastical designs and architectural marvels will captivate young readers.
A poet, screenwriter, travel journalist, novelist, and writer of children’s books, George Mendoza (1934–2018) established himself as a top author of his day, publishing over 100 books for children and adults worldwide. In 1968, he was awarded the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award for his book The Hunter I Might Have Been. Ahead of his time in terms of packaging projects, his phenomenal energy, talent, and imagination were reflected in his many collaborations with celebrities such as Carol Burnett and Michel Legrand, renowned artists like Eric Carle and Norman Rockwell, and sports figures including Muhammad Ali and Ivan Lendl. Mendoza's love for sailing and trout fishing may be found in his editions of poetry, including Goodbye, River, Goodbye with photographs by George A. Tice. He lived most of his life in New York City with his wife, Ruth, and his children, Ashley and Ryan.

Doris Susan Smith is the author of several children's books, including The Two Rabbits and The Travels of J.B. Rabbit.
Product Details ISBN: 9781681377360
ISBN-10: 1681377365
Publisher: NYR Children's Collection
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English
"Like Doris Burn’s 1965 classic 'Andrew Henry’s Meadow,' this picture book plays to the special fondness children have for imagining the neat features they’d incorporate were they to build houses of their own." —Meghan Cox Gurdon, Wall Street Journal

“[Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse!] is an utter delight, a book that certain aesthetically oriented children will find endlessly fascinating, picking out detail after tiny detail in Ms. Mouse’s elegant designs for Squirrel, Fox, and Rabbit.” —Dan Kois, Slate “The 10 Best Literary Rediscoveries of 2023”

“I love intricate pen work, and Doris Susan Smith delivers over and over again... As for kids, they can read through this and decide which of the houses they like best (and would like to live in someday). One of those books that makes me sad my kids are too old for picture books anymore. I would so read and reread this.” — Betsy Bird, Arts Fuse 8

"Each dwelling is lovingly furnished down to the tiniest detail." —The New York Times

"Each house represents not just a life but also a lifestyle." —Slate