Unlock: 5 Questions to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Power (Hardcover)

Unlock: 5 Questions to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Power By Matt Hulett Cover Image

Unlock: 5 Questions to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Power (Hardcover)


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You CAN change your business destiny.

From a veteran technology executive comes an essential toolkit to reveal exactly where your company’s true value lies—and how to reap its rewards.

Over his 30 years as an executive in the technology sector, Matt Hulett has become the go-to company fixer. From RealNetworks to Rosetta Stone to Expedia, he has steered start-ups and large companies into renewed areas for growth and driven more than $2 billion in value creation. Now, he shares five key questions that will uncover new insight into your business’ potential—without the need for a lengthy and costly strategic planning process.

Through real-life examples, personal stories, and insights from thought leaders and CEOs, Hulett guides you through the steps of taking a deep dive into your company’s pivot potential. He shows you how to take stock of your business, from your company’s alignment to market trends and your supply chain position, to your value proposition for customers, to your ability to raise capital.

Along the way, you’ll begin to identify where your true potential lies, and map out a plan to capitalize on it. With expert advice on assessing industry shifts, valuable insights on leading teams, and tips for raising money and pitching investors, Hulett shows you exactly where to look, and what you need to find, in order to map out a new future for you and your company.

Matt Hulett has driven more than $2 billion in value creation as a four-time public company CEO and president and a two-time private company CEO. He is a seasoned technology executive with more than 30 years of experience building and leading world-class SaaS and consumer companies. He has had multiple turnaround successes in the public and private sectors, including Rosetta Stone, RealNetworks, and Expedia. He is regularly featured in technology and business podcasts and media outlets, such as Recode, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Matt lives in Seattle with his wife, Anne (CEO of Rock Grace), and their three children.
Product Details ISBN: 9781774581544
ISBN-10: 177458154X
Publisher: Page Two
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English