Spuds, Rabbits and Flour Bags (Paperback)

Spuds, Rabbits and Flour Bags By Joy E. Rainey Cover Image

Spuds, Rabbits and Flour Bags (Paperback)


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This book is not only entertaining, it's real life

A vivid illustration of an Australian rural family pre- and post- the thirties depression and end of World War II. Spoken in their own words with humorous feeling, recorded thoughtfully by a talented author.

'Spuds' is a book about people. Real life stories of a large farming family with twelve children. The time frame 1920 to 1946 includes their struggles during the 30's depression and the stress of three sons serving overseas in WWII. Amid this, they coped with a child suffering TB, another severely handicapped with Polio and a child dying with Coeliac Disease.

The family grew spuds and sowed crop to feed their big working draught horses, pony, chooks, a pig and milking cow. The big black iron stove cooked many meals. Reject potatoes were used for themselves. The rabbit plague had its positives. This 'underground mutton' supplemented many meals.

Eventually a water tap was installed in the kitchen instead of water being hauled up by bucket from the well and carried inside. The big log fire with hanging, black iron water container was a source of comfort. Especially in winter, when snow was frequent along with 'puddle freezing' frosts, roads furrowed with deep boggy mud. These fireside gatherings yielded many stories, reading, poetry recitations and concerts; sensitively recorded by the author, daughter, niece, psychologist with forty years of professional experience

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Publication Date: March 15th, 2021
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