An Afternoon's Dictation (Paperback)

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An Afternoon's Dictation (Paperback)


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In 1999 Steven Greenebaum felt he'd hit the wall. Fifty years old, he could not make sense of his life or the world around him. For several months he angrily demanded answers from God, if God were there. One afternoon, an inner voice told him to get a pen and paper and write. Steven then took dictation - three pages, not of commandments but guidance for leading a meaningful life.

An Afternoon's Dictation grapples with, organizes, and deeply explores the revelations Steven received and then studied for over ten years. His sharing is NOT offered as the only possible way to understand it the dictation. It is offered, rather, as a start. The book's sections include deep explorations into "The Call to Interfaith," "The Call to Love One Another," "The Call to Justice," and "The Call to Community." These explorations

are rooted in a crucial part of the dictation that directs us to "Seek truth in the commonality of religions - which are but the languages of speaking to Me."

Thus, An Afternoon's Dictation builds on what unites our diverse spiritual traditions, not what divides us. It shows us a path to respecting our differences while embracing unity of the great callings of our spiritual traditions. An Afternoon's Dictation provides caring guidance forward in these hugely challenging times - if we are open to it.

Winner. London Book FestivalFirebird Book Awards honorable mentionPacific Book Award Finalist (runner-up)Literary Titan gold awardThe BookFest honorable mention

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Publisher: Msi Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 162
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