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Badass Feminist Politics: Exploring Radical Edges of Feminist Theory, Communication, and Activism Cover Image
By Sarah Jane Blithe (Editor), Janell C. Bauer (Editor), Sarah Jane Blithe (Contributions by), Janell C. Bauer (Contributions by), Angela N. Gist-Mackey (Contributions by), Ashley R. Hall (Contributions by), Shardé M. Davis (Contributions by), Anita Mixon (Contributions by), Andrea Ewing (Contributions by), Prisca S. Ngondo (Contributions by), Cerise L. Glenn (Contributions by), Melanie Duckworth (Contributions by), Kelly J. Cross (Contributions by), Idrissa Snider (Contributions by), Rebecca Mercado Jones (Contributions by), Jayna Marie Jones (Contributions by), Siobhan Smith-Jones (Contributions by), Johnny L. Jones (Contributions by), Savaughn Williams (Contributions by), Robin M. Boylorn (Contributions by), Tina Harris (Contributions by), Cassidy D. Ellis (Contributions by), Sarah Gonzalez Noveiri (Contributions by), Ruth J. Beerman (Contributions by), Michael S. Martin (Contributions by), Lydia Huerta Moreno (Contributions by), Ana Gomez Parga (Contributions by), Maureen Ebben (Contributions by), Cheris Kramarae (Contributions by), Kathleen Rushforth (Contributions by), James McDonald (Contributions by), Sara DeTurk (Contributions by), Danette M. Pugh-Patton (Contributions by), Antonio L. Spikes (Contributions by), Jenna N. Hanchey (Contributions by)
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