Requests for Donations


     A Likely Story Bookstore is very involved in community and charitable organizatons all year long. We are committed to giving back to the community. Though we would like to be able to support all requests, this is impossible, especially for a small business. We receive numerous donation requests throughout the course of a year and we cannot donate to every request we receive. Each community organization and/or non-profit can only receive one donation from A Likely Story per year. 

    All requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to your event. We will not accept email or phone requests. All requests must have a donation request letter from a non-profit stating what the donation is for and when the donation will be needed. We must also have the non-profit tax number to process the donation. If a donation is approved, it will be passed on to our donation manger and you will be contacted to pick up the donation. Most donations will be in the form of Book Chats, books or gift certificates. The donated items will be at the discretion of A Likley Story Bookstore. We do not give monetary donations.

The following requests will not be considered for donation:

  • Individuals requesting donations for trips, sport sponsorship, pagents, etc.
  • Individual teams within an organizaton.
  • Direct donation requests for individuals with catastrophic health and financial needs.
  • Individuals soliciting on behalf of a charity/community organization already supported by A Likely Story Bookstore.
  • Fraternal, political or labor organizatons.
  • Advertising in school yearbooks, church programs, or programs for performances-this includes non-profit organizations.
  • For profit and other non-profit organizatons requesting donations for associate incentive.

There are reasons for what organizations and charities we do and do not support. As a small business we must abide by our personal, professional and legal guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding.