Why Independents?

Why Shop at A Likley Story Bookstore and other Independent Businesses?

  • To keep your money in your community. About three times more than if you shop at a chain and infinitely more that at a web-only vendor. Money that stays in your community pays for schools, parks, roads, and essential services.
  • To help us continue to support many local charities and causes.
  • To support the community of book lovers. We hold many events for authors every year, many for first-time writers and local authors. We also offer Book Clubs, Storytimes and much more.
  • To encourage variety. The combined offerings of independents offer you a wide selection of books. We order daily and if we do not have it, we can usually get it to you within 24-48 hours. We are not a big box and thus do not have the space or money of a big box. What we are is a local independent with the service you cannot get at a big box.

Thank you for supporting your local Independent Bookstore!